Editor's NoteVol 1, No 1 (2013)

A note from the Editor-in-Chief

Lauren E. Seaman

Barnard College


Dear readers,

Welcome to the inaugural issue of On Our Terms! After almost a year of preparation, our team is thrilled to finally launch this journal. As Editor-in-Chief, I would like to extend a special thanks to our dedicated friends and partners, including the Center for Research and Development (CDRS) at Columbia University, the Athena Center for Leadership Studies, and the Barnard Library & Academic Information Services.

To introduce this journal, I will break it down simply:

On Our Terms

On whose terms, you may ask? As undergraduates, we are redefining “leadership” … on our terms. The name of our journal celebrates the written word as an instrument for social change, while our academic articles address the ways in which women’s leadership is imagined and realized today.

an Online…

As an online journal, we provide an accessible platform for a diverse readership. We’re young, hip and eco-friendly! We post videos, link to multimedia, and keep the conversation fresh on our Twitter.

Undergraduate Journal…

At its core, this is a journal for students, by students. Given the under-representation of undergraduates in scholarly publications, On Our Terms supports young scholars pursuing academic work in women’s leadership. When they are offered a space to publish their work, undergraduates not only rise to the occasion, but they develop a powerful sense of agency in the process. On Our Terms is a community for undergraduate empowerment.

on Women’s Leadership…

“Women’s leadership,” as a phrase, commonly evokes a traditional understanding of what it means to be a powerful woman. However, as more women assume positions of power, the meaning of “women’s leadership” is rapidly evolving. On Our Terms hopes to capture and celebrate this change. This journal ultimately questions what it means to be a woman leader today; the challenges that female leaders face; and the nature of leadership itself.

Our inaugural edition represents the vision for On Our Terms as an interdisciplinary, international project. Each piece discusses women’s leadership from a unique angle, the themes being: community organizing, feminist blogging, cyberfeminism, women in politics, and art therapy as activism. In the creation of this issue, our authors presented perspectives from across academic disciplines and institutions, while their faculty reviewers provided support from around the globe – from New York, to California, to Sweden.

With much excitement, I invite you to read the inaugural issue of On Our Terms. I also encourage you to check for updates, as we will continually be expanding our site. If you have questions, feedback, or a submission, please feel free to contact me at onourterms@barnard.edu.

My very best,

Lauren Seaman

Barnard College, ‘13

On Our terms, Editor-in-Chief