Editor's NoteVol 1, No 1 (2013)

Congratulations from Debora Spar

Debora Spar

Barnard College


April 29, 2013

Dear friends,

For 125 years, Barnard College has been a place where young women pursue their educations and live their lives on their own terms. These students are poised to do great things in the future, but they are also hard at work, right here and right now, making a difference by making their voices heard.

Since its founding in 2009, the Athena Center for Women’s Leadership has played an important part in this endeavor, and the undergraduates who have been involved with Athena are truly leading the way. On their behalf, it gives me great pleasure to help usher in On Our Terms: the new online academic journal of the Athena Center.

The Editorial Team, the Steering Committee, and the Athena Scholars who have inspired and developed this project are dedicated to its success, and I have no doubt that they will make it happen. On Our Terms is a virtual space for a real interchange – one that is slated to prompt and promote a conversation about women’s leadership among undergraduates from universities around the world, in submissions reviewed by their faculty and peers. The journal, which honors research on this far-reaching topic from international and interdisciplinary perspectives, is nothing without your input. So, I encourage you to join in, to lend your powerful words and ideas to this dynamic dialogue, to be a part of the action.

I am excited about the launch of what I know will be an important and intriguing project and wish you the very best of luck.

Debora Spar

President, Barnard College