Call for Submissions

Undergraduates and recent graduates are invited to submit their work to On Our Terms, the online academic journal of the Athena Center for Leadership Studies at Barnard College.  The journal will feature undergraduate research across all disciplines in the humanities, social sciences, and the STEM fields, on the broad topic of women and leadership.

Now, more than ever, the theme of women and leadership is being discussed, questioned, and explored — giving scholars and researchers new ways to think about leadership as an emerging academic discourse.  On Our Terms will capture and showcase these discussions through our peer-reviewed process.  We are a journal created for students, by students, and our goal is to provide a platform for student thought, debate, and voice.  As your work is published and presented online, you will be connected to the network of students from all over the world doing similar research and engaged in related discussions.

We are looking for submissions – written articles or multimedia pieces – that reimagine and redefine the ideas pivotal to women and leadership. We encourage creativity in both the content of your submission and form of your submission. Here are some examples of the kinds of topics we are interested in:

  • women in activism and social movements
  • female change-makers in politics, literature or history
  • progressive women thinkers and intellectuals
  • capturing women’s leadership in fine arts, music, and dance
  • women’s influence in a changing global economy
  • representations of transwomen in popular culture

Our deadline is rolling until January 1.  We encourage papers in varying stages of completion.  If you are submitting a piece that is not yet finished,  be sure to include an abstract or outline of the paper you intend to submit.  To be considered for our Spring 2016 issue, first submissions must be completed papers.  Please note that we will need a final piece by our second deadline, January 15th. Final submissions may be in the form of a research article, a creative exploration, or an excerpt taken from a larger work.  In your email, please indicate the title of the piece, author(s), and an abstract or description. All writing samples should be cited in the format appropriate for the discipline of the paper.