Why Don’t Women Run?

Published Jan 29, 2016

Abstract Women hold fewer than 25% of all American elected offices despite being over 50% of the population. This paper explores this incongruity and explains why women feel that they must reach a higher threshold than men in order to run for office. Consequently, this work demonstrates that we should expect female candidates to be… Read more

Girls Get Digital: A Critical View of Cyberfeminism

Published Jan 29, 2016

Abstract As the Internet and digital technologies become ever more pervasive in the lives of young people, there should be a movement to engage critically with these technologies to determine how they are working as players in shaping and changing certain paradigms of society. At the onset of the digital culture, a group of women… Read more

Visibly Ah Mou: Community Organizing as Minority Solidarity in the United States

Published Jan 29, 2016

Abstract On December 5, 1985, P&L Sportswear Inc., Boston’s largest garment factory, without giving advance notice, closed its doors and sent home 349 workers, most of whom were uneducated Chinese females (ah mou)1 from Boston Chinatown. Although the 1984 Mature Industries Act entitled displaced workers to job retraining and English language courses, in the case… Read more